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Production, processing, marketing of affordable food.

Ojena partners CCIDESOR to promote for Food justice.

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Our Objectives

As a responsible company Ojena balances the need to breakeven with the more societal need for security and justice. Our core objectives are therefore:


Production, processing and marketing of affordable food and advocacy of food availability

Improved Seeds

To disseminate, multiply and make available improved seeds, stems, etc. to encourage food stability

Economic empowerment

Economic empowerment of practitioners particularly rural or peasant farmers to ensure physical access to food

Appropriate Food Utilization

To process to ensure appropriate food utilization or export and reduction of waste

Local Products

To ability to procure local products and process into food within the contexts of our social, physical, and economic environment

End Hunger

Contribute to end hunger in all forms and achieve nutritional food availability and affordability

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Ojena Farms is a multipurpose farm that produces, processes and markets high quality nutritional food products (raw or processed ) packaged in a hygienic environment. Ojena Farms also distributes quality stems, seeds and tubers. Ojena Farms trains, retrains and mentors rural farms to embrace high yield plants and plants to ensure the protection of the environment. We train, educate, motivate and mentor farmers for higher yields and environmental protection.

Partnership, support and cooperation with host communities particularly peasant farmers

Quality tied with honesty

Growing together

Entrepreneurship and respect to culture